I’ve been working on this blog for a little over a week now and couldn’t wait to show you all what I had put together. It’s not as creative as some of my pictures might be, but I’m also taking time to learn a few more skills in PhotoShop and improve my picture editing skills. You can only go so far with Copy Pasta ya know. LOL.

I love the way this new dress from Infinite, the way it wraps around my body. A few quick adjustments to my WowMeh Silhouette and it’s perfect, showing off curves in all the right places.

My new heels from Latreia go so perfectly with my new dress. The best part is the hud! I had many choices and loved the textures. I knew there would be one to match my dress and there sure was!

Spellbound released this beautiful new hair. I adore the pin-up look but am far from able to pull it off in RL. lol. I chose to go with blondes for my pack because I really enjoyed the lighter blondes with roots available in the pack. Usually I go for an all-in-one pack but with Spellbound its so hard to choose with so many available. Ikon eyes also finally released new eyes! The Immortal eye collection actually contains two different versions of the eyes, mortal and immortal. I turned on the bright feature (available in the Ikon Eyes Hud with all new releases) for this picture to enhance my eyes but usually I leave them natural.

If you haven’t checked out Aimi Skins, you need to. The skins are just getting better and better with each release. This new Emily skin is the first release with many different make-up options, where as before there was only standard natural face in 3 different tones.

Here’s the part I’ve been waiting for…elska is releasing quite a few new goodies for District 5. I’m absolutely in love with the “Celebrity Skin” line. I’m currently wearing the Natalie moles and honestly, it was hard to narrow it down to just this one. I had fun combining them as well creating whole new looks. Natalie and Eva being one of my favorite combos. Ornamental and Eye High are wickedly sexy and added a little lace to my arsenic.

This is hands down one my favorite looks to put together. It’s something I would love to be able to pull off in RL but am so happy to have had to experience of being able to put together in SL. ❤

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you all know that I will be cutting back on blogging due to my RL health issues. I’m sure most of you have already noticed that I have not been blogging as regularly as I used to. Unfortunately my health issues prevent me from being able to spend much time on the computer or enjoying life as much as I used to. I’m working on getting better. Maybe soon the doctors will be able to figure out what is wrong and come up with a plan. For now, I just wanted to let you know all and apologize for my lack of blogging. This is something I greatly enjoy and it does sadden me that I am not able to do it as much as I want to. Thank you to all my amazing sponsors and readers for sticking by me throughout this ordeal!

Funeral For Yesterday large

POSE : Nani Poses – The Raven 5 *Includes Prop Raven (Prior Pose Fair Exclusive, N/A) ❤

SKIN : AIMI Skins – Emily – Chocolate – Option 12 *NEW* ❤
HAIR : Spellbound – Jezebel – Blondes *NEW*
EYES : IKON Immortal Eyes – Chocolate *NEW*
MESH BODY :  WowMeh Silhouette
HANDS : SLink Female Hands Relaxed
FEET : SLink High Feet

DRESS : Infinite – Lana Dress – White *NEW* ❤
SHOES : Latreia Foot Fashions – Inspiration Stilettos w/Hud *NEW* ❤

EYE SHADOW : elska – Black Widow (First Round N.21 Exclusive, N/A) ❤
FACIAL MOLES : elska – Celebrity Skin – Natalie *NEW* @ (District 5) ❤
UPPER BODY TATTOOS : elska – Ornamental * includes Applier Hud *NEW* @ (District 5) ❤
LOWER BODY TATTOOS : elska – Eye High Applier Hud *NEW* @ (District 5) ❤
CUFFS : Dirty Stories BeMine Cuffs ❤
EARRINGS : random matter – Abaddon Earrings – Black
NECKLACE : Maxi Gossamer – Rejuvinated Heart