So there is a new round of No. 21 that just started, District 5 is still going strong and Krave Inc.’s Summer Bash ends on the 25th of this month.

My outfit is from the ongoing Krave Inc. Summer Bash. It’s an Aurora’s Closet exclusive. The slit down the side makes it a little more flirty while still remaining  appropriate for everyday where. The Hud comes with an array of textures and I found the one I thought fit right for the outfit I wanted to put together.

I’m going to try my very best to get as many posts to you in the next few days, since there are a few Summer Bash outfits that I wanted to show you all. But I cannot guarantee if I will be able to finish them before the end of the weekend due to worsening health issues, but here’s to hoping and wishing!

This new shape from Dirty Stories is to die for. I’ve already fallen for this adorable face, which surprisingly went well with what I believe is supposed to be a more Asian themed skin from Essences. I’m not even sure I will go back to my original custom shape…I think its time for a good change, so let me know what you think.

L. Warwick is just producing all sorts of shoes for everyone’s delight. These were just apart of the 21Shoe event for August but still worth every penny even without the awesome 2-for-1. The details are magnificent, including the textures and the the look of the shoes as a whole. I’ve got some wonderful heels to show you in my next post that are exclusives at the La Metalique Fair.

Elska released some new tattoos for the No.21 event. I’m currently wearing Young Hearts and it’s a stunning tattoo. When I first looked at it as a whole, I was reminded of the Santana song “Maria, Maria,” and of course the movie that inspired that particular song. I wanted to go for more of an innocent look that would still portray a hidden dark side. I love the inspiration I get from elska tattoos. I can see a story in every tattoo and I love to build off of what I interpret.  I can’t wait to show you the next Elska exclusive for No.21, Bel Air.

Geek has this cute headband exclusively at District 5. It’s available in all sorts of colors and it’s just too cute for words. The little bit of lace wrapped around the headband itself gives it that little bit of detail that takes it from ordinary to elegant. The details in the roses are amazing on any setting I use for SL. This is just so beautifully done and goes very well with my overall outfit.

Until next time…Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

Jolene Blog2.0

POSE : Juxtapose – Dedicated ❤

SHAPE : Dirty Stories Lilianne *NEW* ❤
SKIN : Essences  Linka – Pale *NEW* @ (The Dressing Room Fusion)
HAIR : Truth  Blythe -Variety
EYES : IKON Promise Eyes – Storm
HANDS : SLink Female Hands Relaxed
FEET : SLink High Feet

DRESS : Aurora’s Closet Olivia Tube Dress w/Hud *NEW* @ (Summer Bash ends on 8/25) ❤
SHOES : L. Warwick Handmade Shoes Miranda – Modest Mahogany *NEW* ❤

LIPSTICK : Buzzeri Sweetheart Lips – Cherry
FACIAL MOLES : elska – Celebrity Skin – Julia *NEW* @ (District 5) ❤
TATTOOS : elska – Young Hearts * includes Applier Hud *NEW* @ (No. 21 Event) ❤
HEADBAND : geek. DIY Headband – Red *NEW* @ (District 5) ❤
TEETH : Whatever – Gem Piercing *NEW* @ (The Dressing Room Fusion)