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Hey everyone!

I’ve got a creepier look today showing off several new items from different ongoing fairs in-world. P.H.A.T. Fair is still open and you can find my dress from Royale there right now. As an applier dress, the lines aren’t always going to be exact but the way it looks on the body is sleek. The textured wrinkles in the dress give it a little detail around the stomach where I feel  it’s needed. You may have to tweak your layers a bit to see which looks best on your body. I’ve decided I like the look of the underwear layer rather than clothing. You’ll need to determine the which size prim fits best with your body and even though this isn’t always the most attractive part of appliers, It’s needed and helps the dress flow.

My shoes are from Diamante and made me feel a bit more confident about the outfit overall. I decided to take it a bit creepier than usual by adding the antielle make-up at the Cosmetic fair with the Sub Rosa pose from The Pose Shop at the Dark Style Fair. The crowning detail is my body chain from Noodles at the Fantasy Collective right now.

May is coming to a close quickly so hurry on over to all the events that are ending soon and those that are just starting new rounds!

Diva of the Damned Close-up1024

The Look:




Pose Used

The Pose Shop (NEW! @ Dark Style Fair)