So after a long break, working different jobs in SL, opening up a store, trying hard to get healthier so I can spend more time being active in general…I am finally back to blogging. I’ve  missed it dearly and even tried to blog once a couple of months ago. I had the whole post set up, took pics and just never published it. I don’t know why but eventually I will get to hitting that publish button once I’ve edited the description a bit. ❤

First thing, I’m sure you’ve noticed a name change on the blog. It’s now Selenophilia. I had been thinking about changing it for a while before I took my break but with my transition to and my health declining at the time, I just chose to take my extended break from blogging instead. It was such a tough decision as I had worked hard over the last couple of years to get to the point I was at but I needed to focus on me, on my health, and on my RL in general.

Selenophilia is also the name of my new store! It is the sister store to Violetility! You can check out the main store at and the marketplace at

A little background:

a love for the moon.
Etymology: from Greek selēnē, “moon” + philia, “love”.

There are many stories throughout time that involve the Moon, its powers and those creatures that are drawn to it. Selenophilia will be creating items that feature love for the Moon along with items that encompass the dark & geeky pleasures that satisfy our deepest desires. I’m super excited about this venture and expanding my skills in Photoshop as well as Blender.

On to my look for today…Colors, colors and more colors! With collabor88 open now and my newest hairs I’ve snagged from Hairology, its all about the colors! I’m in love with everything I managed to snag and I still have to go back for more at both events! I also fell into the mesh head fad finally. I am currently sporting the Alex head from LOGO with the newest Kiyomi appliers from Pink Fuel, located at We ❤ RP. My nails, collar and pose are from Selenophilia! So yes, I’m gonna be biased and say that I will wear my own stuff because I choose to make items that I would purchase in-world. Thanks goes to all my loyal followers over the last half of the year I’ve been away and to Lyrical Ember for allowing me to blog with her on on occasion. Keep checking back for more updates on my newest releases from Selenophilia and my LOTDs when I am able to post them.

Happy New Years to you all! ❤ ❤

Guess Whos back