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Responsibility, What’s That?

I'm dabbling in a bit of home furnishings with my pose fair post today. There were just so many wonderful new furnishings available all over the grid that I just couldn't resist spending a little bit of extra time on... Continue Reading →

She’s One Of Those Anti-Girls

Just a quick post tonight. This is something I've been wearing around for a few days now. I truly do enjoy most all the outfits put out by Foxes. I've gotten the last 3 releases without even second guessing spending... Continue Reading →

Playin Hookie & Kickin @$$*

No.21 ends in a few hours so make sure you go grab this cute pose from Quirky and this badass tattoo from elska while you can! This event contains only limited items so once they are gone, they are gone... Continue Reading →

Maria, Maria

So there is a new round of No. 21 that just started, District 5 is still going strong and Krave Inc.'s Summer Bash ends on the 25th of this month. My outfit is from the ongoing Krave Inc. Summer Bash.... Continue Reading →

Big Bad Mama

POSE : Quirky Brat Set *NEW* @ (No21) SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Emily - Natural - Makeup 07 *NEW* ❤ HAIR : Moon Bouyant - Naturals 2 *NEW* @ (No.21) OUTFIT : D-Style Aloha Bikini w/HUD *NEW* @ (Aloha Fair) ❤ FLIP FLOPS : L.Warwick Handmade Shoes  Female Flup Flops (For... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got Some Ocean Front Property In Arizona

WALL : Hanaya Another Brick in the Wall *NEW* @ (Rhapsody) POSE : Positure Little Country Girl *NEW* @ (Rhapsody) SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Belle - Natural *NEW* ❤ HAIR :  geek. Paper Planes Collide Loose Bun Pack - Reds *NEW* @ (Hair Fair) OUTFIT : Infinite Poppy Dress Solids... Continue Reading →

The Wicked Wreckage I Contain

POSES : Juxtapose Copacetic Set *NEW* @ (Rhapsody) ❤ SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Belle - Natural *NEW* ❤  HAIR :  Magika Careful TOP : Infinite Riylee Tube Top - Tetris *NEW*<3 LEGGINGS : dirty stories Solid Leggings *NEW* @ (Suicide Dollz) ❤ SNEAKERS : Flite. X Reckelss Strapback - Black... Continue Reading →

If I Could Paint the Sky, Would All the Stars Shine in Bloody Red

POSE : Posesion Deadly Set SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Celine - Natural *NEW* ❤  HAIR :  Spellbound Hecate  OUTFIT : D-Style Maxi Dress w/HUD *NEW*<3 EYES : Suicidal Unborn Scarlet Eyes - Ruby  PUPS : geek. Cerberpups gacha - Soul (Rare) *NEW* @ (Totally Top Shelf) ❤ CROWN : geek. Medusa Headpiece *NEW* @ (Totally Top Shelf)... Continue Reading →

Silence Has Fallen

POSE : Juxtapose Telling Stories *NEW* @  (Thrift Shop 5.0) ❤ SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Ivy - Natural *NEW* ❤ Now also comes in Wowmeh appliers** HAIR :  Eaters Coma Hair 28 OUTFIT : The Sugar Garden Academy Uniform - Choco Cardigan *NEW*  SHOES : geek. Bowties R Cool - Classic *NEW* @ (Risque Business Fair) TODAY IS THE... Continue Reading →

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