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Krave Inc

Maria, Maria

So there is a new round of No. 21 that just started, District 5 is still going strong and Krave Inc.'s Summer Bash ends on the 25th of this month. My outfit is from the ongoing Krave Inc. Summer Bash.... Continue Reading →

You Make Flowers Grow Under My Bed

More from Krave Inc and the Pose Fair!!! Selene's Look SINGLE POSES : Royal Intentions Beach Tote Pose Pack (includes Totes in many colors) *NEW* @ (The Pose Fair) ❤ SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  Birdy May Skin - Beige (prior skin fair exclusive) EYES : Buzzeri Faerie Eyes - Chocolate *NEW* @ (The Seasons... Continue Reading →

Makes a Boy Want to Bite His Lip

I asked my sister Inspire to join me for a post today with a Pose Fair exclusive from Aerial & POSEME Poses. I loved the opportunity to work with her on a professional basis. She's a fellow blogger and you... Continue Reading →

I’ve got two letters for you…

I have some exclusive items for you today from Krave Inc and the Pose Fair! The Veronica 1 poses are a Pose Fair exclusive from POSEME  are well rounded and lovely. I'm really looking forward to working with POSEME's exclusive props... Continue Reading →

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