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Makes a Boy Want to Bite His Lip

I asked my sister Inspire to join me for a post today with a Pose Fair exclusive from Aerial & POSEME Poses. I loved the opportunity to work with her on a professional basis. She's a fellow blogger and you... Continue Reading →

I’ve got two letters for you…

I have some exclusive items for you today from Krave Inc and the Pose Fair! The Veronica 1 poses are a Pose Fair exclusive from POSEME  are well rounded and lovely. I'm really looking forward to working with POSEME's exclusive props... Continue Reading →


Today, I'm starting off with the simple, yet beautiful "Unfaithful" dress from Barely Legal Couture. I do like the way this dress shows off some skin but still covers up the goods. I chose to go with black because, it... Continue Reading →

Highs & Lows

  With so many events going on over the last week or two, I've managed to grab up a few things that I absolutely adore. I just can't say enough about this outfit. I love everything about it. The *Milk* Hair,... Continue Reading →

I waited for the new FLite. sneakers to be released along with a ton of other people. Why? Because the quality is unique and the details are amazing. I had no idea what color I would want but I eventually... Continue Reading →

I Need the Doctor

I'm a Whovian. I highly doubt you are surprised at this information. X3 So after running errands most of the day, it was time for me to sit down with the Doctor. I had originally planned out a different blog,... Continue Reading →


In the next couple of weeks, you are going to see lots of exciting new items posted. I've already got quite a few outfits in mind with the new goodies I've picked up. In this post, I will be featuring... Continue Reading →

Stood By Me

Here's my new blog with my personal style! You are going to see many different fashions and outfits here. My outfits might be nerdy, geeky, gory, horror, posh, elegant, fantasy, dark or just plain silly. Heck, I might even combine... Continue Reading →

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