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Buddy Holly

So I've been super busy with a new faire, Le Petit Faire and I'm hoping to bring you a blog post featuring a few items from the fair soon. Since I've been busy I haven't had the chance to let... Continue Reading →

Big Bad Mama

POSE : Quirky Brat Set *NEW* @ (No21) SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Emily - Natural - Makeup 07 *NEW* ❤ HAIR : Moon Bouyant - Naturals 2 *NEW* @ (No.21) OUTFIT : D-Style Aloha Bikini w/HUD *NEW* @ (Aloha Fair) ❤ FLIP FLOPS : L.Warwick Handmade Shoes  Female Flup Flops (For... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got Some Ocean Front Property In Arizona

WALL : Hanaya Another Brick in the Wall *NEW* @ (Rhapsody) POSE : Positure Little Country Girl *NEW* @ (Rhapsody) SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Belle - Natural *NEW* ❤ HAIR :  geek. Paper Planes Collide Loose Bun Pack - Reds *NEW* @ (Hair Fair) OUTFIT : Infinite Poppy Dress Solids... Continue Reading →

The Wicked Wreckage I Contain

POSES : Juxtapose Copacetic Set *NEW* @ (Rhapsody) ❤ SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Belle - Natural *NEW* ❤  HAIR :  Magika Careful TOP : Infinite Riylee Tube Top - Tetris *NEW*<3 LEGGINGS : dirty stories Solid Leggings *NEW* @ (Suicide Dollz) ❤ SNEAKERS : Flite. X Reckelss Strapback - Black... Continue Reading →

If I Could Paint the Sky, Would All the Stars Shine in Bloody Red

POSE : Posesion Deadly Set SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Celine - Natural *NEW* ❤  HAIR :  Spellbound Hecate  OUTFIT : D-Style Maxi Dress w/HUD *NEW*<3 EYES : Suicidal Unborn Scarlet Eyes - Ruby  PUPS : geek. Cerberpups gacha - Soul (Rare) *NEW* @ (Totally Top Shelf) ❤ CROWN : geek. Medusa Headpiece *NEW* @ (Totally Top Shelf)... Continue Reading →

Southern Bell, Crazier than Hell

Two different looks for you today. I fell so hard for this outfit once I put on these new flare jeans and Embra top from D-Style. You can never go wrong with a new outfit from there. There's new releases all the... Continue Reading →

Lazy Days in Los Angeles

I've got a couple of new poses that are featured at Pose Fair for you! I've still got a few more pictures for pose fair to finish up before the fair ends on Saturday May 3rd. That means you've only... Continue Reading →

She’s the kind of girl you want so much, it makes you sorry

Hello wonderful readers! Sorry for my break but I was a klutz and hurt my wrist&shoulder pretty badly a little over a week ago. Since my arm is still healing it will take time to catch up and put out... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna drown you out before I lose my mind

I felt a little more eccentric this afternoon and loved the outcome. Here is that end result with my some of my favorites from DAPPA, elska and Reckless!! POSE :  .[ pose+ivity ].  Henley Pack *NEW*  SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN : League Erin : Pale Normal *NEW* @ (The... Continue Reading →

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