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Suicidal Unborn

The World Will Die Alone

I wanted to do something a little darker today. I've been missing it and couldn't resist exploring the Everwinter sim. It's based on the amusement park in Priyapat. You know, the Chernobyl disaster? It's a wonderful creepy place that I... Continue Reading →

I’m Too Hot, Make a Dragon Wanna Retire

I've got two new looks for you today featuring Essences skins from The Dressing Room Fusion. I'm wearing two of the different versions currently available right now. I can't praise Essences skins enough because it seems I'm always picking up... Continue Reading →

If I Could Paint the Sky, Would All the Stars Shine in Bloody Red

POSE : Posesion Deadly Set SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  {AIMI} Skins Celine - Natural *NEW* ❤  HAIR :  Spellbound Hecate  OUTFIT : D-Style Maxi Dress w/HUD *NEW*<3 EYES : Suicidal Unborn Scarlet Eyes - Ruby  PUPS : geek. Cerberpups gacha - Soul (Rare) *NEW* @ (Totally Top Shelf) ❤ CROWN : geek. Medusa Headpiece *NEW* @ (Totally Top Shelf)... Continue Reading →

Violate All The Love That I’m Missing

Quick post today because I spent so long editing the photos for it. Lots of new things to show you from The Dark Style Fair and the Risque Business Fair is going on now too! Hope you all enjoy the... Continue Reading →

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

This time around, I got to blog with my friend Alex. And there was much rejoicing. Alex did such an awesome job on our photos! You should definitely go check out her blog here! I know I do!We started with no concept... Continue Reading →

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