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Suicide Dollz

Lazy Days in Los Angeles

I've got a couple of new poses that are featured at Pose Fair for you! I've still got a few more pictures for pose fair to finish up before the fair ends on Saturday May 3rd. That means you've only... Continue Reading →

Makes a Boy Want to Bite His Lip

I asked my sister Inspire to join me for a post today with a Pose Fair exclusive from Aerial & POSEME Poses. I loved the opportunity to work with her on a professional basis. She's a fellow blogger and you... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna drown you out before I lose my mind

I felt a little more eccentric this afternoon and loved the outcome. Here is that end result with my some of my favorites from DAPPA, elska and Reckless!! POSE :  .[ pose+ivity ].  Henley Pack *NEW*  SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN : League Erin : Pale Normal *NEW* @ (The... Continue Reading →

My Childhood Spat Back Out The Monster That You See

So, lots of new stuff for you all, showing off more of my nerdy, geeky side. First off, new collar dresses from DAPPA. Honestly, I had a hard time choosing which was my favorite because I loved so many of the... Continue Reading →

Orange County Girl

Loving these nautical tattoos from .Reckless. and elska. They are the perfect mix of romanticism and realism, in my opinion. They each tell a different story to me, possibly of love lost, won, or conquered. Whether that be love of the sea or... Continue Reading →

Miss Jackson

VaLynch has just released this cute top and black leather skirt. Its beauty in all its simplest forms, accenting the right areas of your shape and giving off a sense of casual elegance. I've added a new necklace from Cute Poision, which... Continue Reading →

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

This time around, I got to blog with my friend Alex. And there was much rejoicing. Alex did such an awesome job on our photos! You should definitely go check out her blog here! I know I do!We started with no concept... Continue Reading →

I’ve seen the future and it will be BATMAN!

I'm very excited about this outfit, well because I'm obviously a very avid Batman fan. So when new Batman affiliated products are released, I'm usually first in line for them. I've got new goodies for you with items featured from... Continue Reading →

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