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Truth Hair

On That Jack Again

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I'm still kicking and have been working on this post over the last couple of weeks, as my body allows me. Thank you for the continued support as I navigate through my health issues... Continue Reading →

Maria, Maria

So there is a new round of No. 21 that just started, District 5 is still going strong and Krave Inc.'s Summer Bash ends on the 25th of this month. My outfit is from the ongoing Krave Inc. Summer Bash.... Continue Reading →

Lazy Days in Los Angeles

I've got a couple of new poses that are featured at Pose Fair for you! I've still got a few more pictures for pose fair to finish up before the fair ends on Saturday May 3rd. That means you've only... Continue Reading →

You Make Flowers Grow Under My Bed

More from Krave Inc and the Pose Fair!!! Selene's Look SINGLE POSES : Royal Intentions Beach Tote Pose Pack (includes Totes in many colors) *NEW* @ (The Pose Fair) ❤ SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN :  Birdy May Skin - Beige (prior skin fair exclusive) EYES : Buzzeri Faerie Eyes - Chocolate *NEW* @ (The Seasons... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna drown you out before I lose my mind

I felt a little more eccentric this afternoon and loved the outcome. Here is that end result with my some of my favorites from DAPPA, elska and Reckless!! POSE :  .[ pose+ivity ].  Henley Pack *NEW*  SHAPE : {Anatomy} SKIN : League Erin : Pale Normal *NEW* @ (The... Continue Reading →

Where All My Bad Girls At?

Whore Couture is coming...Tomorrow!!! I've put together two outfits, with exclusive items from D-Style featured at Whore Couture, which starts tomorrow! Loving the vibe I'm getting from them, feeling like The Baddest Female, complete with this cute new ring from Strawberry. And you know... Continue Reading →

My Childhood Spat Back Out The Monster That You See

So, lots of new stuff for you all, showing off more of my nerdy, geeky side. First off, new collar dresses from DAPPA. Honestly, I had a hard time choosing which was my favorite because I loved so many of the... Continue Reading →

Jet City Woman

Today, I decided to visit downtown Seattle and see the space needle. My look was inspired by my [geek.] lunch box and it just went from there. I didn't want to take this hair off from Truth, the textures are incredible and the hair goes... Continue Reading →


In today's post, I am featuring poses from a *new* pose company called [Royal Intentions]. I'm a new blogger for them and happy to be! I've got all 5 poses to show you from their *new* Pose pack 2. I... Continue Reading →

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